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FTTH offers the developer/builder the opportunity to make more money per home, while offering the home buyer an improved lifestyle. FTTH solutions offer the highest bandwidth and make possible high-quality, life enhancing experiences which many home buyers desire and appreciate. An FTTH network makes use of many types of fiber cable assemblies to bring connectivity to single homes, multi-dwelling units, apartment buildings, office buildings, light commercial buildings, etc. Our company can help real estate developers, network designers, installers, builders, owners and other involved parties from the early phases of design to FTTH cable manufacturing, delivery and in some regions, such as the Northeast, complete installations.

Please see below what we offer:

  • Corning FTTH Fiber - complete cabling solutions from the central switch point to the unit, such as fiber feeder cables, fiber distribution cables and fiber drop cables
  • Direct burial, aerial, risers, plenums, and LSZH
  • Outdoor, indoor and indoor/outdoor fiber cabling
  • 100G Ready networks with Corning fiber
  • FTTH Cable Design, Engineering and Manufacturing in the USA
  • Standard and Custom Solutions for Residential Developers and Fiber Installers
  • Custom FTTH interconnects, built to specs FTTH cables
  • Pre-engineered, factory-built subsystems that reduce construction costs and speed deployments in FTTH networks
  • Prefabricated network assemblies and components and 100% tested Pre-terminated fiber manufactured by a Corning Gold Assembly House
  • Simple and innovative FTTH fiber solutions that revolutionize how fiber is placed in a neighborhood
  • Newest technologies, materials, components and parts, such as Optitip fiber connectors

As home buyers choose a neighborhood for its sense of community, they also expect an increasing level of connectivity. Market research shows that buyers put a real value on the benefits that fiber connectivity offers. We can expect to see continued pull-through by the home buying public for these services. Developers that integrate fiber into the design of neighborhoods can expect improved return on their investments.

Real estate developers and network designers share an important common goal: design the neighborhood and the network for the most efficient use of capital to offer the greatest value and highest quality living experience possible at a given price point. By integrating neighborhood and network design into a parallel, rather than serial process, developers can maximize property values, profit margins and quality of life. Developers must realize the opportunity cost if FTTH is not part of the overall project plans. Not only does FTTH create demand and higher selling prices but over time, it is a clear differentiator that moves innovative developers to the front.

About FIFTH Network Topologies :

In each architecture, the hardware locations (CO/HE, LCP, etc.) are connected via optical cabling. The cable from the CO/HE out to the first splitter (or electronics) location is considered feeder cable. A large feeder cable may serve multiple LCPs by dropping sufficient fibers at each LCP it passes. The cable from the LCP to the terminal that serves a home or living unit in a building, is known as distribution cable. The cables that run from the last terminal (usually single-fiber cables) and make connections to individual homes or living units are called drop cables. The functional parts of the architecture that are contained within or on the walls of the MDU can range from as little as the drop cables inside and the MDU terminal just inside or on the exterior wall, to the entire distribution and drop (including the LCP with splitters) being in the MDU. How the network architecture is mapped into the MDU structure is determined by the selected topology.

Contact us today for Corning Evolant Solutions and other fiber optics for commercial and industrial applications:

  • All fiber for Access Networks
  • Fiber Feeder Cables
  • Fiber Distribution Cables
  • Fiber Drop Cables
  • Corning Clear Curve single-mode optical fiber, SMF-28 optical fiber with NexCor technology and more OSP Cables / Outside Plant Cables

Who is interested by FTTH?

  • Independent telecoms from across North America that are future-proofing their networks by making the upgrade to FTTH
  • Competitive broadband providers looking to take that next step to all-fiber connectivity
  • A wide variety of FTTH equipment manufacturers and other broadband solutions providers
  • Engineering, outside plant, consulting and construction firms that work with network operators to wire up North America with next-generation fiber
  • Municipalities that operate or build FTTH networks as public utilities for their residents

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