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If you want to join the revolution of growing Digital India and want to cater high speed Broadband Internet Service to End-Users, We are here to fulfill that. With Exclusive tie ups, with relevant providers we can arrange an ISP Franchisee to any location in Assam and North Eastern States for ISP business; thanks to leading service providers’ coverage. With easy terms & conditions and very affordable Hi-Speed packages to deliver, Our highly experienced and trained Team will guide you to select proper plan and you will start making money from that moment. Our Team will help you through process and help you to build your robust network to deliver exact speed to your end customers. Our Constant Service Monitoring & Prompt Response ensures you with complete peace of mind.

Why Start Business as for ISP Franchisee ?

  1. The total number of internet connections in India increased 50% between 2014-15.
  2. India will double its internet user base between 2014-17.
  3. India is the 2nd largest market for smartphones, with a user base of 220 million.
  4. Around 80% of internet connections are through mobile internet.
  5. Further, only 13 % of internet connections are through broadband. This shows that there is still a huge untapped growth potential in the market for broadband and Wi-Fi internet services in India.
  6. However, with the increasing number of internet users, the number of Internet service providers have not increased proportionately, thus, proving ISPs are in shortage. This might be a prime reason why 80% of India is still offline, apart from lack of government funding & initiatives.
  7. Recent technological upgrades in the industry have also made it cost effective to distribute & monetize internet for ISPs.
  8. The Indian Internet Industry, valued at just 13$ billion, is expected to be in triple figures by 2020.
  9. That means a 200% increase in valuation, year on year. Those are jaw-dropping numbers for any industry.
  10. When you start working as ISP franchise then you will enjoy the success and the freedom of operating ISP franchise in one of fast growing broadband sectors.
  11. As an ISP franchise owner you will hold the keys to unlimited opportunities in high-speed Internet access and web services.
  12. With help of our team, who will provide the training and the technology, you can maximize your potential for huge profits by providing Internet/ Web related services to businesses and residents in your territory.

What you will get from us?

We will manage and guide entire process of being ISP franchise, including documentation, Licensing, process, port delivery, last mile connectivity to NoC, building your infrastructure & everything. This will give you such unique opportunity to enjoy the success and freedom you desire by allowing you to own and run your own business. With our help, as ISP franchise, you will have such opportunity with the freedom of being in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Our process provides a proven and tested product line, training, operational procedures, research, development, centralized billing, marketing support and a nationally recognized ‘Class B’ ISP brand name tied with major Content Delivery Networks for amazing streaming of Amazon, Netflix and other Relevant CDNs.

Free feel to contact us for any inquiry regarding ISP franchise help or any information you will need and we will happy to help you at any level.

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