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As another year passes by and a new year with new dreams, new hopes and aspirations is upon us, I recall the famous lines by the renowned English poet, Lord Tennyson, “Ring out the old, Ring in the new”. This is the time we look back on the moments gone by and numerous experiences we had endured throughout with a promise and hope for a coming year with new zeal, determination and renewed sense of commitment to serve our clients and our people to the utmost.

Our motto is to create a world class, state of the art OFC infrastructure to serve the people of the Assam and the North East –one of the remotest areas of the Indian subcontinent. We genuinely feel that the masses should have access to voice, video and data connectivity to get connected with the modern world and we create the bridge between the two through our network. The world today is a global village, thanks to the ever penetrating potential of the Internet.

In this era of the Information Super-highway, knowledge is power. Earlier the 3 basic human needs were Food, Clothing and Shelter. In today’s world it is Food, Shelter, Clothing and Internet. I recollect the famous lines of the great Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, who embodies the true spirit of the times stating that “There is nothing permanent in this world but Change itself”. We as a group understand this need and hence have diversified into providing a fast, secure, robust and scalable Internet connectivity under the brand name M-Net. A lot of painstaking research, brainstorming, investment and effort have gone into building up of a state of the art Data Centre with the very latest in technology and equipment’s to ensure that we cater to the masses the full potential of this omnipresent and emerging medium of the Internet.

Our paramount aim is to make Guwahati, the gateway of the North East a complete WiFi City and showcase it as a model city to the country and to take its rich, vibrant culture and heritage of this ancient land called “Pragjyotishpura” to the world using the Internet and ensure that we march together in unison with the changing times as famously depicted by Bob Dylan in his timeless classic “The Times they are a Changing..”. Going forward, we march on towards the uncharted future with a clear vision and a sense of direction and spreading our network across this diverse landscape throughout the seven sisters as westrive towards perfection in every step of the way and we want to present before the world our capability in harnessing this path breaking technology.

Our vision is to look to the future, with hope and preparedness; to grow and expand this network, to reach the remotest corner. The greatest advantage and a unique edge of our organization is that we provide a single window solution, in terms of all Infrastructural requirements, a sort of one stop shop for all the needs of a customer focused enterprise business. As the New Year dawns upon us, we look forward with unparalleled optimism and anticipation, we are still moving on towards our destination, pining for perfection in every step of the way. Let me conclude with a few of my favourite lines from the great American Litterateur Robert Frost--- 

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep 
But I have promises to keep, 
And miles to go before I sleep, 
And Miles to Go before I sleep.’’ 

Wishing you the very best of everything in the coming year.

Rishi Gupta

Director, Mukand Group 

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