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Today’s age is the age of Information. Information is power in todays, highly connected and digitized world. Connectivity seems to be the paramount buzzword and every individual, corporate or business user wants to be connected anytime and anywhere. We at M-Net fully realize this demand for 24 by 7 connectivity and data access and aim to fulfill this with our world-class and state of the art secured and robust network. We offer customized solutions across various industry verticals and diverse customer segments. We can make your entire office or home into WiFi Zone where in which the entire plethora of devices like, smartphones, PC’s , Laptops, Handhelds, Tablets, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles like XBOX, PlayStation and other WiFi enabled devices can be connected and one can utilize the comprehensive features of this devices.

Security plays a vital role in any network. The World Wide Web is a plethora of information and acts a nifty utilitarian service to the masses, but it is also full of assorted nastiness like, worms, viruses, malware etc. These pose as a severe security loophole to users at large. To mitigate this, we have designed and built our network, as a secure, robust and scalable network, designed to integrate new technologies as they emerge.
We also offer BoD( Bandwidth on Demand) as when required for your special requirements which may arise from time to time. We also offer High Bandwidth Solutions along with SOHO,SME solutions through a world class optical fibre network and can extend our fibre right upto your premises ( FTTH/FTTO). We also cater to the Real Estate segment by extending our Fibre right upto the Apartment Complexes/Housing Societies/Buildings(FTTB) and thereon distributing it to every residence.

With our secure network, we can design, built , deploy and maintain various types of solutions across our seamless and robust Wifi or Optical Fibre Backbone to integrate various devices and services, like Security Camera and Security Sensors for surveillance and monitoring, Video on Demand, Integration of Gaming Consoles etc. We also offer our solutions to cyber cafes , SME’s, entrepreneurs’ and all those who require premium bandwidth and services .

Our team is committed to deliver, a professional, hassle free and unique experience with a sharp focus on customer needs coupled with top of the line technical support and training. We fully understand that in this day and age , customers expect nothing but the very best and a complete solution from end to end without any issues.
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